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Tethered - work in progress by Carnegriff

First of all, I love your work. This is in no way a fancy way for me to tell you I'm nitpicking and trying to put you down - that's not...

The Tango of Feminine Wit by snow-valkyrie

I usually try and pick out at least one thing that could use work or would be neat tried a different way - and I really can't come up w...

Inner peace by shell31
by shell31

This is an excellent piece that is a joy to view each time I bring it up! Every time I look at it I see something new that I missed bef...

Summer 2011- two point perspective assignment by nekonotaishou

I really enjoy a couple things about this piece, so we'll start with those. First - the contrast between the fairly rigid, crumbly ston...


what is an artist? by BWS2K
what is an artist?
Clicking "Complete Your Profile" is, apparently, a trigger for me.
The day the Tellemex first appeared, I was reading Superman comics in bed. I was supposed to be asleep but you know how it is - what fifteen-year-old boy goes to bed at eight o’clock? I hear this really loud voice, garbled like a robot or something, and it’s coming from outside. I go look and sure enough there’s this hovering picture like a TV screen floating in the air with a guy talking. I heard they did this all over the world. Anyway, this talking robot head, he says not to be afraid and that he and his people are coming to rescue the planet. Mom was freaking out in the living room, of course, so it was hard to catch every word, but he said something about pollution and technology and a new home and how they’d be here in a year.

Craziest. Year. Ever.

Most people believed what they’d seen, at least for a while. Military starting showing up all over. People were told to stay inside their houses unless they were going to work or the weekly Community Meetings. Naturally, the Tellemex arrived right on time like it was no big deal. They must have send thousands of those big ships, and they just landed and started taking on passengers right away. It took a while - about another year, I think - for everyone to get packed and loaded. Some places were quicker because some people are more sentimental about their stuff than others. When you’re living on the streets or in a grass hut, packing doesn’t take long. The floating heads told us not to bring our things anyway but, well, some people also never seem to listen to directions. Still don’t.


We arrived on New Earth - that’s what everyone calls it, even though it has another name that no one can pronounce - about a week after the ships took off and it’s mostly been paradise ever since. The Tellemex have excellent attention to detail, and this planet looks a lot like ours, right down to the buildings. Technology has been slightly improved to keep things moving and cut down on pollution but it’s mostly the same place, only better. Areas where Earth didn’t have water, New Earth has irrigation and plumbing. No tsunamis or earthquakes. As far as I can tell, nobody’s fighting or dying from starvation either. Things like that. All in all, it’s like a free upgrade.

Oh, the bracelets. I almost forgot. The Tellemex put these bracelets on everyone. It’s basically just a thin metal strip on your left wrist that lets them find us in emergencies and stuff. There’s always rumors about what it’s ‘really’ for, just like the rumors that some people were left behind or that the police are all really robots, but whatever. I don’t believe any of that and, to be honest, it doesn’t really make any sense either. Why would evil aliens be so nice? Ten years later and nobody has a good answer to that.
Survivor Earth, 1.1
Challenge: 500 words to tell a short story in the Survivor Earth setting that includes one new fact about the setting (which is an original setting).
Deluge/Atomic Highway Map by BWS2K
Deluge/Atomic Highway Map
A map of for use with the roleplaying game Atomic Highway using the Deluge setting. A work I did using screenshots from CalTopo mapping and Gimp.
Brave Deco(ish) by BWS2K
Brave Deco(ish)
Goofing around with different formats for a larger piece with Merida, I sort of wandered into this.
epichappiness by BWS2K
Based on an amazing photo of my daughters against the background of the lyrics to Can I Lie Here? by David Crowder.


Will Hunter
United States
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Free Premium Membership Day!

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 9:25 AM by BWS2K:iconbws2k:
Today I get to be an artist like everyone else! Yay! Wink/Razz 

Haven't really written a journal recently, though I've been uploading bits and pieces here and there. I find that cranking up a playlist on YouTube and losing myself in loud music and GIMP is the best way to produce anything that happens to be on my mind. I find, too, that text is really beautiful to me. I keep forgetting I want to do one of those found poems... but I don't know if I can bring myself to do that to a book! The same with song lyrics or quotes from my favorite books - I love taking them out of context and setting them in their own place. This is really just me blabbing to take advantage of a free journal skin, so... Happy Arting!


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